Docy Child


It is possible to define space regions in which a particular minimum bucket size of the navigation graph can be specified.

Let’s imagine a situation where a suitable minimum bucket size of the search graph (resolution) is 1. However, there are several tight areas in your game scene where a resolution of 1 does not give sufficient detail to the navigation graph. In such a situation, you can of course reduce the minimum size of the search graph buckets for the entire space of your scene, but this will lead to an increase in the processing time for obstacles, as well as an increase in the average pathfinding time on the scene.

The best way out in such a situation would be to reduce the size of the buckets only in the area where you want to increase the detail of the search graph.

To do this, we implemented the Nav3DParticularResolutionRegion object, which allows you to specify a region in space in which a specific minimum bucket size of the search graph will be used when building.