Docy Child


  • To define a region with a particular size of minimum search graph buckets, drag the following prefab into the scene space:
  • All asset classes you need to work with are contained in the Nav3D.API namespace.
  • Set the required position on the scene for it, then in the inspector of the Nav3DParticularResolutionRegion component, set the region sizes, and also specify the desired minimum size of the search graph buckets. To draw the region, turn on Gizmos in the scene window.

Below is a navigation graph for two identical obstacles, one of which is located in a region with a minimum bucket size of the graph = 0.2. The second one is outside the region and the minimum bucket size of the pathfinding graph on the whole scene is set as = 0.4.

The obstacle on the right obviously has a more detailed navigation graph, since it is located in a region with a smaller minimum bucket size.