Docy Child

Randomly generated parameters

The speed and radius parameters can be set to a randomly generated value. This can be useful for game scenarios where there are many agents of the same type (for example, many similar birds). To make their characteristics (radius and speed) slightly different, you can choose to generate a random value. Then you can specify ranges for this value, as well as its distribution.

There are two types of distribution: continuous uniform and Gaussian. The first one does the same thing as UnityEngine.Random.Range(a, b). The type of Gaussian distribution can be described as follows: most values will be selected from about the middle of the range, but there will be a few values that are closer to the ends of the range.

Below is an example of setting the radius for the range [0.1, 0.3] according to the Gaussian distribution.

  • All asset classes you need to work with are contained in the Nav3D.API namespace.